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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 9am  FOX  September 16, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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the go pro grand prix, again, this sunday, and it is the season finale of the indy car circuit. the iphone 7 is now in stores. ktvu's christien kafton is checking out the phone which talking to people who lined up overnight sometimes for days to get their hands on the latest apple device. and the oakland raiders are one step close tore moving to las vegas -- closer to moving to las vegas. we are speaking to a sports columnist with reaction from the team and more on the next step. she's launching her hit show on monday here after on the 9. we're here with wendy williams. crazy in love, beyonce and jay-z married for 8 years, whether you are crazy in love with the new iphone 7 you have in your hot little hand or perhaps you're crazy in love with your wife of ten wonderful years, i'm not going to name
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names but someone on this panel is. we'll talk about that in a minute. mike mibach has a smile on his face. >> a lot of love in the air, gasia. >> did i just write on your pant. >> that's okay. >> my kids write on my pants. you can write on my pants. it's friday as you can tell. we have been talking about the launch of the iphone 7. we have been watching the doors as they open, and the moment has arrived. happening right now, doors are open at the apple store. would you believe, some o. most wanted items are -- of the most wanted items are sold out. >> ready to be the first to get their hands on the iphone 7. >> christien kafton is at the apple store in san francisco in union square, and we understand one person has been in line for a full week. >> reporter: yeah, we will catch up with justin harris. we have been following his story all morning long, the man who has been in line all week. he made his way inside the apple store. you can see fans getting their chance to hold and touch the new iphone 7. again, those doors opened at 8:00 this
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morning, and fans flooded inside. we were here, and we showed you that initial rush as the first 24 fans got to go inside the store and check out the iphone 7. we were at the at&t store earlier this morning and got a preview of the phone. from personal experience it's very responsive and has a very fast processer. the phone is expected to be very popular. in fact, some models have sold out. we have been telling you the story about justin harris, camped out in front of the apple store, and learned that the iphone that he wants, the iphone 7 plus in jet black is unavailable. but that doesn't mean he walked out of here empty handed. >> it was very simple, straightforward, you know, they only had the iphone 7 so i got the map black. it was 256 gigabyte model. >> reporter: that is the iphone 7. >> not 7 plus, yeah. >> reporter: are you happy, are
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you satisfied? >> no, i'll be returning it. >> reporter: he's not returning it because he doesn't like it. he's planning on returning it so he can get exactly what he wants, the iphone 7 plus. we also talked with phone fans about the fact that this model doesn't have the standard headphone jack and fans we talked to say that doesn't really matter to them. they say getting rid of the old jack allows the apple company to pack this device with all the latest tech, coming out to the live look, again, you can see that lots of fans here already inside the apple store, getting their chance to test drive, so to speak, that iphone 7. i'm taking orders, who wants the jet black, who wants the rose gold, the shiny, whatever you guys want, i'll see if i can pick one up. >> i realized something, you can actually charge your phone and have a headphone jack at the same time because they have already made an after market product to do that. so now if your excuse is well, i'm not going to get it, now
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you can. now people might be able to end up getting the phone. >> reporter: i think that's one of the questions that people have on their minds is how to kind of deal with the fact that there isn't a standard headphone jack. you can get the blue tooth ear pods and i'm sure there's going to be a large after market for those as well. from what i understand, this version comes with an adopter, and it has the lightning connector and use it like you would regular headphones. >> christien kafton thank you. people still did lineup overnight. a lot of people have been unhappy with the whole removal of the headphone jack, our question to you is this, are you purchasing or passing on this new iphone, a lot of people responding to the question of the day here on ktvu. chris williams tweeted us, definitely order the 7 plus in jet black, and apple watch in ceramic. watch will be delivered today. another person chiming in
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saying purchasing 6 has run out of life. they have count down timers to make these unusable after a certain amount of years. and another user, this one was sent to me. pass, and she wrote sent from an iphone 5s. very clever. >> and my iphone 5 works perfectly well. i'm passing. we'll check your responses throughout the day, and read them at 9:30. we appreciate your use of the hash tag, ktvu the 9. the associated press and two news organizations have sued the fbi to learn who it paid and how much it spent to hack a locked iphone. the fbi says this was necessary as part of its investigation into the december terrorist attack in san bernardino. the suit was filed today in federal court. the fbi has only said it paid more than a million dollars to a third party to break into the iphone of one of the shooters. fire investigators in san mateo now going over a economic complex that caught fire overnight. we'll share with you daylight video of the condo taken just
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about 90 minutes ago. investigators say the fire started in a rear bedroom of one of the units and now that it is daylight, you can really see all of the damage done. because of material in the buildings, officials describe the fire as stubborn and say it was difficult to put out. >> the first emergency calls came in near highway 92. when fire crews arrived on scene, flames had spread to rooftop. they spent hours to reach some of the flames cutting apart insulation. >> we were able to extinguish the main condominium fire but the fire has been burning in the main attic space, made up of foam styrofoam insulation, and two layers and plywood. >> there are no injuries except for a dog that did die in that fire. we are told that the pet owner was distraught, and police had to stop her from rushing into the building to retrieve her
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dog. the condo was just too dangerous for anyone to go in according to firefighters. the fire is now under investigation. authorities in the east bay are asking for the public's help as they search for whoever's responsible for a terrible case of animal cruelty. a dog nicknamed bullet is a 2 year old german shepherd mix. they had to amputation one of his legs after the dog was shot over the weekend. bullet had no collar, no micro chip. at this point, authorities are trying to find the owner and whoever shot him. >> ideally we want to speak to somebody who can offer information about the dog and how it got to become in this situation. >> vets say bullet is recovering and will soon be ready to be put up for adoption. anyone with information on this case is asked to contact animal services there in contra costa county. jury selection is set to begin today in the trial of a man involved in a highly publicized scuffle in july with b.a.r.t. police officers in san francisco. 22-year-old michael smith is charged with battery, and
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resisting arrest in connection with a fight at b.a.r.t.'s embarcadero station in july. smith is african-american, and his public defender says his race played a major role in the fight with b.a.r.t. police. prosecutors say smith was kicking and spitting at b.a.r.t. officers and deny claims he was acting in self-defense. now, the city of san francisco is beginning to distribute money to build affordable housing as part of a measure approved by voters last november. the chronicle reporting that four projects have received a share of $310 million in housing funds. now, this map shows that they are scattered throughout the city, in the mission district, excelsior, the western edition. these projects are converting a former car repair shop, a bakery, and even in an old funeral home into hundreds of affordable residential units. coming up here on new orleans on 2, the 9. a special photo exhibit that highlights the work of san francisco firefighters. coming up, ktvu's tara moriarty will give us an early look at the art of fire. plus, barack obama was born
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in america, plain and simple and donald trump owes him and the american people an apology. the issue of president obama's u.s. citizenship back in the spotlight, the big announcement by donald trump this morning.
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for home internet at a discounted rate of $10 a month. no commitment, deposit, or installation fee. visit to learn more. not so much money to be found on the markets the dow is down by 58 points. s&ps&p 500 and nasdaq also on the losing side. it is early. now to the presidential race, making news this morning. donald trump just about a half hour ago reversed himself on whether he believes president obama is a u.s. citizen. >> president barack obama was born in the united states period. >> for years, trump has been
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the most prominent, which was the name given to those who insisted that president obama was born outside of the u.s. just yesterday, trump told the washington post that he remained unwilling to say that president obama was born in the u.s. but after a lot of backlash this morning he made what he had said would be a major statement. hillary clinton in her comments this morning isn't letting him off the hook. >> for five years he has led the birther movement to delegitimatize our first black president. his campaign was founded on this outrageous lie. there is no erasing it in history. >> president obama even weighed in on the birther issue this morning joking that he was pretty confident about where he was born, and that he thinks most other people are as well. here at home, the teenager at the center of a police sex scandal is back at home in the bay area. she goes by her real name,
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jasmine abuslin. she was previously known as celeste guap. spent the last two weeks in rehabilitation and jail in florida. the 19-year-old woman claimed to have had sex with 30 officers from law enforcement agencies across the bay area. some when she was a minor. yesterday her attorneys questioned whether the richmond police department may have wanted the teen in florida as part of an attempt to obstruct justice. >> she didn't voluntarily go to florida. rather she was told that she needed to go to florida because she had dabbled in drugs and this would be like a vacation, and she needed to go urgently. >> she's expected no testify in the prosecution of 7 officers in allie in -- alameda county. and contra costa county is investigating allegations of officers have sexual contact with her. we are learning more about a man accused of robbing and beating an 88-year-old wok. zachary cuen was arrested wednesday. investigators shay he broke into the home of a woman named
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flo, robbed her of jewelry she was wearing, ransacked her home and stole her vehicle. yesterday, about a hundred neighbors showed up for an emergency safety meeting to talk about their concerns. >> ideally we want to speak to somebody who can offer information about the dog and how it got to be in this situation. investigators say it's unclear if cuen acted alone or had an accomplice. obviously the wrong video here. his arraignment is set for monday, and he's being meld without bail. as -- being held without bail. as more ms. flo, she is in critical condition and there will be a prayer vigil at her house this evening. >> surfers in san francisco ocean beach have a real story to tell after a great white shark jumped out of the water and it was caught on camera. this video was captured, surf posted the video showing the shark breach the water beyond a group of
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surfers. one surfer said the shark was about 7 to 8 feet long. >> the shark launched out of the water, straight up mouth in the air with the full white belly. i consider myself lucky to have seen that and to have all ten toes and fingers is awesome, really good. >> the shark didn't approach any of the surfers. some of them stayed in the water while others headed to the beach. up next, a financial boost from tourism leaders in the valley, and how oakland mayor libby schaaf is responding.
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it was doggie destiny was mr. bonejangles expecting the perfect toy at an amazing price? of course not. he's a dog. but that's the beauty of a store full of surprises. you never know what you're gonna find, but you know you're gonna love it.
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. las vegas official took a big step in trying to take the raiders to the city. a nevada tourism committee unanimously approved yesterday a plan to finance a $2 billion dome stadium. committee members recommended raising a hotel tax, and chipping in $750 million of public money to help finance that stadium. the raiders and billionaire casino mogul will pay for the
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rest including any cost overruns. stadium supporters say it would bring the raiders super bowl to las vegas. >> the other things, besides raiders and unlv, and the other events is going to raise roommates, increase visitation and be an economic bonanza. >> nevada's governor will decide whether to call a special session of the legislature to make a vote. supporters hope the vote happens by november so nfl owners can consider the proposal in january: libby schaaf is offering hope to raiders nation, and wants the team to remain in oakland. there is a long and complicated history between this team and the city, we have learned from the mistakes of the past, and we won't repeat them. oakland is neither rolling over nor giving up. a sports columnist with the las vegas review journal was there yesterday, and joins us live on the phone. matt, good morning. >> hey, good morning.
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>> does this unanimous vote say what, that this is a done deal or do you expect a fight within the state legislature if deed a special session is called by the governor? >> i expect the governor to call a special session, and, you know f he does, i think he does that with the knowledge that he's got enough votes to get this passed. one of the keys to what happened yesterday was this panel, the tourism panel in vegas passed in measure unanimously, and that's actually no small feat because you've got basically every major casino represented on that board, and they all have different agendas. these people are not necessarily on the same team, and a lot of cases are rivals and mgm resorts is one entity that we thought might be a rival, and might put up a roadblock to this project. mgm resorts was all for it. that's going to, i think, help this stadium measure get through the special session of
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the state legislature, and i would expect it to pass, to be honest. >> here in the bay area, there's very little appetite as libby schaaf, our mayor of oakland said for spending public money, but i guess in las vegas, it's different, and i think the difference is because this is an investment to get the nfl to that city. is that looked on as a big deal in las vegas, the nfl. >> i think it is a big deal. you know, it's vegas for years and years, people said, no major league franchise or no major league will ever, you know, come to las vegas to do business because of gambling and all that. that's all changed and nhl expansion franchise is coming here in 2017, and to get the nfl would be a huge step. not only that, the city really needs a stadium. you know, if you have been here, you see that all vegas has is a 38,000 seat stadium for unlv out in the corner of
9:21 am
the valley, and for the entertainment capital of the world, that's pretty sad to have that as your only open air venue in the city. so it was a situation where vegas desperately needed a stadium. the raiders looking for a place to go, and it was kind of a perfect storm. anytime you use public money, you're going to have nay sayers, no doubt about it, but this is a hotel room tax. less than 1 dollar per night, and basically is paid for by tourists. i think the more the public here was educated on what exactly the tax money, where it was coming from, where it's going, i think there was less of an outcry, more people accepted this as hey, this is our one shot to get the nfl. let's go ahead and do this, and a lot of people are behind this project, despite the 750 million in tax money. >> matt, real quick in a few seconds, how do you expect if the stadium happens, how do you expect that might change what people know of and think about
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las vegas. for most of us, we know the strip. >> i think this becomes a major league sports city. vegas has always been a big event city, and tourism destination, but now it's going to be a major league sports city. >> perhaps to the detriment of the casinos or do you think they will be okay. >> i think they'll be okay. it increases tourism, and they have tried to find different ways to get people to las vegas, not just through gamble, and there is another avenue to do that. >> thank you so much for joining us this morning after an important meeting yesterday. we'll stay on top of it. from september 17th september 17th through october 16ths the harvey milk photo center will play host to a special exhibit. >> it's called the art of fire, san francisco firefighters at work. >> ktvu's tara moriarty is there getting an early look at this exhibit. tara. >> reporter: some of these photographs are absolutely
9:23 am
amazing. this one in particular, if you take a look, you may recognize this old church from the corner of goff and eddie. this is st. paulos. a heartbreaking photo that caused that fire by a homeless encampment. there are tons of photos here, and they are all so artistic and lovely. joining me love is tony stevany, and you are trying to drum up support for the fundraiser coming up. >> we have a gala this march 4 march 4th, 2017, and this has all been put together to hopefully draw interest into the work that we're doing. >> reporter: you have a lot of different photographers here. you have folks from the chronicle, retired firefighters, a bunch of people sort of donated their own art work. >> yeah, a lot of people stepped forward. we've got the full spectrum. we have some pulitzer prize winning photographers showing their work here. >> reporter: and the
9:24 am
fundraiser, you said a lot of people haven't been showing their support. we want to ask people to come forward and come to the march event, right. >> absolutely. we tried to get in touch with most of the new companies here in san francisco, the tech companies in corporate san francisco, and we're sort of disappointed when we didn't get too much feed back as far as their support financially to, you know, continue helping us with the studies that we do with our firefighters here in san francisco and our high rates of cancer. >> reporter: we're calling them out on the carpet right now, and also live is duane newton, you're a retired firefighter, correct. >> yes. >> reporter: and let's talk about some of these. these are amazing, taken by your god son. the fire is outstanding. >> it's one of the more amazing photo images i have seen. my god son jeffrey schmidt took that. i taught him photography and look what he does. and he took this on the ladder. and the image, the gates of hell. >> the smoke in that one is
9:25 am
almost surreal. >> it is. >> reporter: how long are you running this event? this is for a while. >> this will be up until october 16th. >> reporter: and it's such a great event for a good cause. it's free but meant to get everybody excited about the other fundraiser you're going. i want to show you some of the other photographers here that took as opposed -- took some of the photographs and they are beautiful. if you want to come down, and appreciate them, the event is running through october. back to you. >> wonderful. thank you so much, tara. the art of fire photo exhibit begins saturday the 17 17th. runs through october 16th at the harvey milk photo center on scott street in san francisco, and admission is free. coming up on mornings on 2 the 9. i know every word, i promise not to sing. the phantom of the opera, now playing in san jose. we'll sit down and talk to the phantom himself. we are live in oakland at lake merritt, where the international northern california dragon boat festival
9:26 am
is going to be happening this weekend. we are about to see these paddlers start racing and practicing, we'll tell you about all the fun coming up.
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welcome back, big news about apple opening the stores, new product out there. our question of the day, are you interested on the new iphone 7, 7s, are you going to pass on it. perez says i'm going to pass on the iphone 7 and keep the samsung galaxy s7. natalie mchenry said i upgrade the to the 6. i can't  keep up with apple. i'm one model behind and that is quite all right. >> same thing here. cs jr. says just bought the 6s two months ago, so i think a lot of people are saying, like you, right, you have the 6. >> what's the point.
9:29 am
i'm not wowed by this thing yet. >> looks like my phone. >> that wow factor is not there. next year, the 10th 10th anniversary may be more wow. anyway,s you can always reach us on twitter. >> i wanted to add one funny comment, depends is it free. no it is not free. i've received an e-mail from my wireless carrying saying you can get the iphone 7 for $249 with your trade-in. the ceo of apple tim cook has been hinting about expanding the focus in the field of virtual reality and especially augmented reality. that's computer generated video, graphics and sound to enrich your experience. this is popular in gaming already and they have far broader uses. several have turned to virtual reality in the real estate market. prospective buyers can turn on a headset. car buyers can get the feel of
9:30 am
a vehicle without getting behind the wheel. giants and cardinals back at it at at&t ballpark. giants got the much needed win. good start in the first inning, buster posey singled to right field, four hits on the night. that first one set the table for hunter pence, who hit this big shot to left field to give the giants the 2-0 lead. the giants gave the lead back, though, but went ahead for good in the 4th. johnny cueto helping himself with the sack fly, at great plays by the shortstop, brandon crawford. it was cueto's 5th complete game of the season. matt moore will be on the hill tonight for the giants. the oakland a's just swept the defending world series champions. they beat the kansas city royals 14-5 yesterday. look at this ryon healy hit this monster home run, crushed it. 480 feet was the estimate.
9:31 am
the longest in the majors this season. steven bolt also had five rbis, marcus semien had four rbis in this four game series, the a's outscored the royals, 43-12. 9:31. let's check weather. tomorrow at this time, rosemary, i'm guessing it will be sun. >> we have nice warm weather coming our way for the final weekend of summer. going to have the micro climate pattern in place. mild coast and bay, and it's going to be hot inland, giving you a look at where the fog is still inside the bay as gasia showed you outside our doors into the oakland estuary. still overcast conditions. this is going to pull back. we'll have mostly sunny skies away from the coastline today. the winds have lightened up quite a bit. the on shore breeze still with us. you can see 10 miles per hour in fairfield. temperatures at this hour, widespread 50s in areas from half-moon bay. 57 in hayward. 59 in concord, and a few low 60s out there, walnut creek and
9:32 am
fair field included. here's a look at what you can expect. remain with partly to mostly cloudy skies at the coastline and for the second part of the day, temperatures warming into the mid-and upper 80s. a few low 90s. 89 degrees for livermore. around the bay, mid-60s to mid- 70s. 65 san francisco. 76 hayward. and 81 for the afternoon. here's a look at the extended forecast and the heat up coming our way for the inland communities as we get into saturday morning, starting with a little bit of fog along the coastline. mostly sunny for most of the weekend, and temperatures climbing into the mid-90s for our inland cities by sunday. so, you know, not bad. >> nice summer weekend on tap. >> thank you, roads mary. sure. this weekend, the 21st annual international dragon boat festival is taking place at lake merritt in oakland. >> you can check out 40-foot dragon boats racing to the beat of chinese drums, and live performances and a lot of delicious food. janine de la vega checking
9:33 am
out some of the boats joining us live from lake merritt. hay, janine. >> reporter: compared to the bay, they're very excited to be here. the jewel of oakland and right behind me right now, you can see they're getting in some practice runs. those are paddlers there made of numerous teams. and look at how fast they are going. now to get more information about what this race is going to be like, here i'm joined now by hans. you're the race director. tell me about what's expected this weekend. >> this is our 21st year, and as you know, we are excited to be in the new home at lake merritt and we have been really pleased that the mayor's office has been so supportive. the community members have been great and what people can expect is that in addition to racing and we have teams from all over the u.s., a team from the philippines as well. and we have great festival activities. it's very family friendly, free to all.
9:34 am
we have a zone called dragon land, where all the kids can do fun activities in conjunction with children's ferry land. we have been excited and we feel so welcome here, and you can see there's just so much energy going on. >> all right. and now, i am joined by somebody who is competing. you came all the way from chicago, there's people from all over the u.s. and internationally coming. you want to give the team here in the bay area, those teams a run for their money, right. >> yes, we do. we're really excited to be here from typhoon, about 35 of us are visiting at what is really one of the best dragon boat festivals in the whole north america, and the whole world, actually, and we're really excited to compete, and we have been so happy with how friendly everyone has been and the festival organizers they have been such gracious hosts. >> reporter: thank you so much and you can see the boats going out there, and they're practicing very fast. how long, it's a 500-meter race. >> for the competitive division, and 300 for the
9:35 am
novice crew which has great community members and corporations and sponsors. >> reporter: thank you so much, and admission is free. it's a great family fun activity that you can do over the weekend here in lake merritt. back to you guys. >> love it. thank you, appreciate it. >> much more information waiting at click the mornings on 2 tab and find it in the web links section and more on our ktvu app. summer is wrapping up but there's never a wrong time for a vacation. >> sal has a couple ideas for anyone looking to spend time in the open seas. >> i'm here with stewart, the cruise guy, sheron. you came off a cruise, can you tell me about that. >> i came off my 230th cruise, on queen mary 2, which is about i think it's the 7th largest ship in the world, 151,000 tons and she just came out of a $132 million makeover. it's the second most extensive makeover any ship in the world has ever received and the changes were just monstrous.
9:36 am
they added some new cabins. they added new restaurants, but the ship just went into the dry dock which is what we're seeing in hamburg, and i mean, top to bottom, this ship was repainted, recarpeted, reupholstered, new restaurants were added. they made so many changes to the ship that it's so much better today than it was when it debuted in 2004. and she primarily does the transatlantic sailings and 27 years in the business, i finally my first transatlantic sailing and i got to tell you, it is a really wonderful experience. >> it looks beautiful by these pictures. >> i want to ask you, stewart, some people have never taken a cruise. first of all, what is the aversion. why don't people do it more, and for someone who has never done it, what would you say is attracting people. >> some people think it's reserved for the wealthy elite or there's nothing to do or not enough activities or let's say the food and dining isn't good
9:37 am
but the dining is one of the most important aspects. >> it's improved over the years. >> i can tell you on queen mary 2 for example, the grills which are for the top suites, you hear a lot of cruise lines talk about, oh, we have open seating. canards had that for over 175 years and in their grills where they have the open seating, you have your specific table, so if you don't have to worry about what time you want to come in for dinner, you want to eat at 7:38, you come to dinner at 7:38, your table is sitting there waiting as well as your service. it's the best experience, and i wanted to menace that, coming, you have on queen mary 2, prices at 1799. fall sailings from $599 per person between new york and south hampton england. >> are the prices better now that it's off season. is this a good time. >> great last minute deals not only on air fair, 599 for 7
9:38 am
nights and look in to the 2017 sailings, they're offering free gratuities, free upgrades, and reduced deposits. it's the best dining experience in the world in the grills. they're including the free drinks package. >> wow. one last question, and one word answer or not. do you always wear that shirt or a shirt like that. >> you bet you. >> stewart, the cruise guy, let's go back to mike. >> thank you gentlemen. followed a sold out tour of the united kingdom, the phantom of the opera is on tour across north america. >> my first real musical, 25 years ago. last night it opened at the center for the performing arts down in san jose. phantom of the opera runs here through october 2nd before moving down to fresno. >> joining us live is chris man, the actor who plays phantom. welcome and good morning. >> good morning. how was your opening night last night. >> it was fantastic. we're glad to be back in the bay area. we were in san francisco last year, and now we're in san
9:39 am
jose. we're excited to be back. >> the appeal of phantom. gasia mentioned seeing it 25 years ago, same as myself, what is different now than the brilliant original. >> this is the spectacular new as we call it. it's a reinvention, redirection, new set. it's a darker, grittier, more realistic production. it's been almost 30 years since phantom came into the world. a lot has changed technologically and what we can do with the set and the cinematic mind set that the public has. it's a more exciting, more explosive production. it's fantastic. >> clearly you can't get rid of the iconic things i expect to see, the mask, the chandelier thing still happen. >> we have a brand new million dollar chandelier. all the iconic elements of the show, the costumes and music you mentioned, that's woven into our culture at this point, it's all in tact. it's just a little bit of a twist, and you know, phantom, my character is cast a lot younger in this production.
9:40 am
they wanted you know, christine to have to struggle to make that choice between raul and phantom as opposed to having more of a father figure, it's a realistic romantic choice. >> a lot fresher. >> i'm nervous for you. >> i'm coming on my end of the time of the show. i will have done it about 700 times. of course every day is still a new day, but it's been an incredible experience, and of course filling those shoes or filling the mask so to speak definitely comes with challenges, but it's been a completely amazing experience, and 700 times, you know, i've gotten, figured it out. >> you also know all the words by heart. >> got it done. >> you met andrew lloyd weber did had have a hand in the retooling, what does he think about the new version. >> camera mcintosh and andrew lloyd weber are the power houses behind the show. he came and saw us at the kennedy center recently which was an honor to get to see the
9:41 am
man who put this out into the world, and working with cameron, he cast us originally, was super cool. randomly, i actually had had an emergency appendectomy the day before andrew lloyd weber decides to come see the show. but i met him, and it was great. >> you were watching. >> with a cane, but it was fun to meet him. >> you performed for the president, too. >> i did, and just, again, for the vice president for the second time recently in dc. it's been an awesome opportunity to perform and be able to sing for these people, and phantom of course has provided a lot of those opportunities. >> a lot of people may know you from being on the voice. i'm curious about your shows like american idol. some would hit the show, and say these individuals have to work their way up. in your case, you did. >> ten years. >> before the voice. >> i say no matter what you're
9:42 am
doing in the world, if you can make it however you get there, go for it. it doesn't really matter to me. i had ten years of being in and out of label deals before i even stepped on that stage, and it's been four years since, which is crazy to think of all that's happened in four years. it's been a busy four years. >> have you always acted? >> i was a singer in wichita, kansas, where i was from and my dream was to be a recording artist, and that's what i pursued for years and years, and getting back on stage as an actor, and as a member of a company, has been such like a breath of fresh air for me, as i've been out on the road by myself for ten years. >> you mentioned earlier that you were in napa a few days before your show started. what else do you like to do around the bay area? >> i like coffee, wine and food. >> you're in the perfect place.
9:43 am
>> congratulations to you, it's lovely that your wife is in the phantom of the opera. >> if you didn't see us last year, come see us again in san jose. >> pull back the curtain a little bit, what's next for chris mann. >> i have a new album called continuelation that came out -- constellation that came out this summer. i'll be going to do some of that, and i'm going to take a vacation. >> wow. >> well deserved. >> absolutely. congratulations. >> right into napa county, right. >> right back to napa. >> let me know where you're hanging, i'll be there. >> this guy will be in your backseat. >> phantom of the opera is planing in san jose, all the ticket information waiting in the mornings on 2 tab on and on our ktvu mobile app. we appreciate your joining us, chris mann congratulations and thank you. >> music of the night on the way out. >> i love this song. i promise not to sing. ♪
9:44 am
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it's flash back friday, and we are looking at our coverage of a fire that burned in berkeley more than 90 years ago, and some people say it was actually more devastating is than the oakland hills fire of 1991. the summer of 23 was hot and rainless, leaving the hills explosively dry. on september 17th, high winds out of the north blew across a small grass fire in wildcat canyon and quickly carried it over the ridge, down into north berkeley. by 2:00 in the afternoon, the fire had moved with astounding
9:47 am
speed jumping from the backwoods of wildcat canyon to the city limits of berkeley. firefighters were overmatched at the outset. it was man against nature and nature was winning. people were also taking matters into their own hands, defending their homes as best they could. trying to stave off the inevitable, trying to hold off the great fire with garden hoses and no water. >> there was no water coming out. maybe a drop or two, but it was maybe water in the hose already, and so my brother saw that, oh she broke down to cry. >> by about 4:30 in the afternoon, the wind began to die down, and the high dry air grew humid. the fire laid waste to 60 city blocks, almost 600 buildings burned to the ground. while the dust settled and cooled, stocks of chimneys sat in a graveyard of destruction. a woman heated soup on the
9:48 am
ashes of what had been her home. berkeley had after math of war written on its landscape, but somehow, amazingly, not a single life was lost. finally, the fire burned down to the intersection of the wide boulevards of shaddack avenue and hurst. out of fuel and no longer driven by wind, the fire stopped here. how did the fire get started, well after the winds died down and the ashes cooled, the u.s. forestry service began an investigation, and they found that hikers on a trail smoking cigarettes accidentally started the fire. the 1923 fire has been called the worst disaster in the history of berkeley. but it was not a lesson well learned. rather it was more a painful preview of what was to come, evidence of the truce to the perennial prediction that the east bay hills are a disaster waiting to happen. >> and for more details, go to
9:49 am
you can find the flash back friday page right there on the home page. on monday here on ktvu fox 2 news season 8 of the wendy williams show premiers. for more on what he has planned, wendy williams, how you doing. >> gasia. how you doing, mike, sal. >> very good. >> hey,. >> love it. >> congratulations wendy. season 8, it is a milestone. it is what many others cannot accomplish. >> it really is. it's like a dream come true, you know. it really is. our show is renewed actually until 2020, so season is going to be followed by season and -- season 9 and season 10. we have a new set. you are seeing a little bit of my new set. it looks wonderful in here, and i'll show you on monday but that will be about the only new thing you see on the show.
9:50 am
>> you're one of my heroes because you started in radio and i was in radio before making the break to tv, and i know because you're a radio person you have been a radio person, do you miss a little bit of doing your radio. i know you love tv but do you miss the radio part 2. >> i love being on tv. but radio was my first love, even over a boy, you know, i have been a broadcaster for over 30 years of my life, and as a matter of fact after i speak with you, i'm meeting with management to talk about the next move that we make in my return to radio. >> nice. >> wendy if you never met your husband, do you think your life would be different? >> if i never met him, would my life be different? yeah. yeah, you know what, if i never met him, then this life i'm living right now would be sort of like the celebrity lives that i read about in these magazines, you know, where they're all best friends with
9:51 am
each other, and that's not who i am. who i am is i enjoy having a solid foundation at home. i enjoy having a kid, you know, i enjoy having family. i'm a softy. you might not think it by watching the show. but i'm a softy. >> you know what i love about you wendy, you show us that it is okay to revel in celebrity gossip, in cute little outfits, you know, it's just you are saying what i am thinking. >> i love celebrity gossip, and people think that it's so low brow. all people want to try to impress people be are heady books they read. what did you read over the summer, i read robert green's 48 laws of power, many by the way, i did, but i also read the livest one, about a drug dealer
9:52 am
from north new jersey, listen, there's nothing wrong with having a little levity in your life, and that is the purpose of our show. and then you go back to your problems of the world and the problems that are going on in your life or with yourself. we all have problems. >> and when you say it like up it, wendy, you have to be prepared for some people to throw it back at you. has that ever bothered you? >> no. i can take it as good as i can give it. it doesn't bother me because i realize that, well, i know who i am. you know what i mean. i know who i am. and fortunately, i had time to grow into the person that i am before social media came along. so when i was saying it like i mean it on the radio, there was nobody on social media calling me names or calling me out or doing things like that, now on tv, well, i'm a fully
9:53 am
functioning woman, so when people call me names, or you know, try to make things about me, why, because i talked about you, or why, because you like this person, i'll give you an example. i love mariah carey, when i talk about mariah carey, her fans get very upset with me. they tell you, oh, your wigs are ugly. you need a breast reduction. why are you getting mad at me, she is annoying in real life. no, no, i don't mean that in a bad way. i love all the concerts and stuff, and i love all the darling talk, and i'm sure her boyfriend has in the past loved that too. but that is not exactly wife material. that is annoying, when does real life start. i say that in the name of i
9:54 am
love mariah. >> thank you for joining us. thank you so much. congratulationings, we look forward -- congratulations. we look forward to watching the wendy williams showing premiering in monday right after the 9. stay with us, what i expect to be a poignant moment coming up after this. get the kleenex or the hair brush.
9:55 am
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happy anniversary to mibach, thank you for all your support, and i'm sorry i'm grumpy some days. >> we also love brian flores, the last day before you head up to seattle. we loved having you here at ktvu. >> really quickly, i want to let people know that all the viewers out there, thank you so much for allowing me to be part of your day, especially in the mornings, especially at 4:00 a.m. in the morning, i mean, it's unbelievable how many people wake up at that hour. i see all the comments on social media, i can't get back to them quick enough but i want to let you know that i have seen them all. thank you so much, i'm going to miss the bay area. i'm going to miss all of you. >> we're going to miss you. congratulations, we love you. we'll be back on monday. >> we need a hug to happen here. >> bro hug. >> can i mess up your hair. >> not again, not again.
9:58 am
♪always on the sunny side ♪keep on the sunny side of life♪
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♪keep on the sunny side ♪always on the sunny side ♪keep on the sunny side of life♪ live from new york city, it's "the wendy williams show." >> wendy: how you doin'? the kids have come to play today. you won't believe what i'm about to tell you. all due respect, have several seats. my girls are always turned out. i give it to you straight, no chasers. ♪ >> now, here's wendy!


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